Now might not be the best time to switch energy deals

Our best advice is to sit tight with the energy deals you currently have where possible

Rises in wholesale energy costs means suppliers are raising their prices, and are no longer able to offer low priced deals.

This has a direct impact on the number of deals we're able to offer you, and we may be unable to offer a competitive deal.


Get an Electric Vehicle Charging Point at Home

STart charging at home with our range starting at just £899 including installation.

As the future of motoring is here, with mainstream brands now all having at least one electric model on offer, and a wide range of hybrid models – we strive to continually develop and enhance our services. With this enthusiasm, we are now partners with EVC Scotland - fully registered, trained and approved installers of electric vehicle charging points.

With the Scottish Government Target to eliminate combustion fuel vehicles by 2032, the demand for electrical charging points continues to increase. We take care of the entire process start to finish making our customers experience hassle-free!

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