Virtual Terminals

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Selling online? Take payments with ease

Moving online is increasingly important for almost all retailers.  Making sure you take payments is a secure and cost-efficient manner is critical.

Whether you have a retail store, a digital business or something in between, we can help to get you trading online using our payment gateways.

Both Virtual Terminal and E-Commerce set-up’s are quick and easy and you will be taking payments over the phone on any smartphone, tablet or PC in no time. No technical integration needed!

Looking to integrate payments into your website? Don't worry, we send all the technical information direct to your web developer - there's no jargon to deal with!

Already taking card payments? Save up to 40% on your fees

You will know better than anyone how important it is to reduce company overheads!  Whilst there are a number of different ways to reduce the running costs of your business, ensuring you are spending as little as possible on your payment processing is a great way to save money day-to-day.