Point of Sale (EPOS) Systems

Your complete EPOS Solution - exactly as you need it.

Whether you have a bar, restaurant, retail outlet, take-out establishment or deli, operate it faster and smarter with a complete point of sale system.

Our EPOS Now solutions can be put together in a unique package that is perfect for your business requirements.


Meet your EPOS Dream Team

ROC PAY can bring together a range of tools and technologies to build the perfect package for your business.

epos system

EPOS Interface
Easy to use, and minimal learning curve for staff.  What's more, specific models are available to meet the demand of specific industries - are your staff handling food or liquids?  Use a water-resistant model to prevent damage and make cleaning easy. 

secure till

Pro Cash Drawer
The Pro Cash Drawer is engineered entirely out of metal to ensure your cash is kept secure at all times and can easily be connected to any standard POS printer.

thermal printer

Thermal Printers
Deliver high-resolution receipts, barcodes, and order tickets quickly. Using the latest thermal technology our printers do not require replacement ribbons or ink, and are built to cope with busy retail and hospitality environments.

handheld order

Handheld Ordering Tablet
Speed up your service, manage queues and prevent errors by directly taking orders at the table using the handheld ordering tablet. Easily access your table plan and promotions to improve your customer experience. Ensure your employees spend more time with customers and less time walking back and forth.


Barcode Scanner
Speed up transactions and avoid human errors in every retail or hospitality environment. The USB Barcode Scanner is plug and play and allows for quick scanning, even with poor or damaged barcodes. The scanner can also be configured to autoscan without having to press the trigger.


Accurately sell items by weight, whilst speeding up transactions. Simply select the product and place the items on the scale and the system will calculate the weight and cost instantly. The scales are compact so enable easy counter integration and make them perfect for businesses on the go.


Andoird & iOS Tablet Systems
Extend an existing system, or untether and sell anywhere with a complete Android or iOS based EPOS system.

Perfect for selling in store or on-the-go, our tablet EPOS systems offers unrivalled flexibility and control. Complete with leading EPOS software, it allows business owners to manage their inventory, sales, staff, and customer relationships all from the convenience of a portable tablet.


EPOS Now System
Epos Now's cloud-based POS software allows you to get an instant overview of your business across all of your locations and ensures access to real-time product, sales and employee performance information.

Ready to build your perfect EPOS Solution?

Improve efficiency, create opportunity to scale and reduce costly errors with a bespoke EPOS System.