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Looking to start taking cards?

There's a wide range of reasons why independent businesses must embrace card payment terminals.  Quite simply, the move could help to ensure that you broaden your customer base - attracted new customers just by simplifying the transaction process.  By taking card payments, you can help to boost impulse buying, thereby ensuring that consumers spend more money, more often.

Card processing is highly versatile these days and it's possible to accept card payments in-store, online, over the phone and on the move.  Chip and PIN machines (also known as PDQ machines) are used by millions of businesses around the world to process card payments in-store.  When it comes to equipment, there are three main options.

Card Terminals

The most common and popular forms of payment solution, we can provide a solution to suit your business.

ROCPAY can offer a range of solutions for taking payments, from fixed place terminals, roaming terminals that can be used across a shop or restaurant floor, or mobile terminals that allow you to take payments on the go, wherever you and your customers are.

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ROC are proud to offer Europes leading Point of Sale Systems - ePos Now!

One of the fastest growing, most exciting businesses in the UK, ePosNow have two fantastic devices for you to choose from; the POStoGo and the C15, both fully customisable for all your business needs.

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No physical terminal required, process customer payments online.

Virtual terminals do not use a physical machine, and instead, provide an online portal for you to process customer payments online.

Perfect if you want to process payments via telephone, fax, email or an existing website, or are able to manually enter card details with your customer.

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Already taking card payments? Save up to 40% on your fees

You will know better than anyone how important it is to reduce company overheads!  Whilst there are a number of different ways to reduce the running costs of your business, ensuring you are spending as little as possible on your payment processing is a great way to save money day-to-day.


Supporting businesses of all sizes

With FSB, your business can benefit from a wide range of vital business services including advice, financial expertise, support and a powerful voice in government.   ROC can give your business access to this powerful network today.